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Manga UK’s November Film Season Part 4

The final week of our November film season is here.

It’s the final week of Manga UK’s November film season, all month we’ve showcased the most beloved films in our catalogue and given you the chance to pick up exciting titles at a great price. This week we highlight the last few films on offer for you!


Set in the near future an invention of a machine allows therapists to enter the dreams of patients, helping to understand their problems. When the machines are stolen, the line between reality and fantasy is thrown into confusion and chaos as the population begins to lose control. 
Paprika is available from only £4.99 at HMV 

Ghost in the Shell

Major Motoko Kusanagi is assigned to finding a computer criminal who is skilled enough to hack into the minds of his victims, and she finds that he uses humans as puppets to do his evil deeds.
Dive into the Ghost in the Shell series this week from only £4.99 at HMV in store or online. 


When a virus takes hold of computer systems around the world, catastrophic consequences ensue as they set out to eradicate human life and create a multi-level megastructure. With resources running low and the Safeguard attempting to hunt them down, Zuru and her new-found companion, Killy, must set out on a quest to restore the world back to its natural order.
Pick up a copy of BLAME! from £7.99 at HMV in store or online. 


Tokyo Godfathers

Three homeless friends, a young girl, Miyuki, aging transvestite Hana, and middle-aged down-and-out Gin, have formed a makeshift family bond that sees them through life in the dirty backstreets of Tokyo. On Christmas Eve, while foraging through a rubbish dump for food, they come across an abandoned newborn baby. 
Head to in store or online and pick up Tokyo Godfathers from only £5.99!


*Akira is available for only £3.99 on iTunes until December 2nd!*

To see the full range of film season titles, head to your local HMV store today! 

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