Meet Black Clover’s Black Bull Guild!

If you’re looking to get a quick run-down on the members of Black Clover’s Black Bull guild, then look no further!

There are nine main guilds in Black Clover making up the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights, and they all serve the Magic Emperor exclusively, on missions both official and unofficial. Based on their experience and success, each guild is ranked, and they are given missions befitting that rank.

These missions are to protect the kingdom from threats such as invasion and acts of terrorism, but also smaller crimes from within the kingdom itself. To be recognised as worthy of being assigned to a guild, you must possess incredible combat skills and a high amount of magic power, although thanks to the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, anyone from any walk of life is able to enter and potentially be recruited.

Guilds are awarded gold stars for their performance in the field, which helps to increase that guild’s ranking. Black stars are given to those who perform below average, and Black Bull is introduced with minus stars due to how destructive they are on missions. The guilds are competitive among each other, but understand that their duty to the kingdom and Magic Emperor comes above all.

Black Bull

This is the guild that our protagonist, Asta, is a part of, and they are ranked bottom of the nine guilds of the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights. Thanks for their destructive behaviours, they are considered the least competent of the nine guilds and tend to not be given the bigger missions.

Yami Sukehiro

The leader of Black Bull, Yami, he decides who makes the cut to be included in the squad. Yami is well-respected but is prone to violence and recklessness, which landed him as captain of this particular squad. He’s a man of few words and believes that people grow strong by tackling missions that they might be afraid of. He does not care for person’s class or whatever circumstance they may be in. He’s been known to take on squad members who would unlikely be recruited elsewhere and harbours a soft spot for outcasts.


An orphan with no magical ability, Yami accepts him into the guild when it turns out that Asta is in possession of the five-leaf clover grimoire, which grants him powers. Asta is loud, rambunctious, and understands the power of teamwork, and relies on it to make up for his own weak spots. Nothing can get him down, and magic or not, Asta will find a way to move forward.

Noelle Silva

The second daughter of the royal Silva family, Noelle initially comes across as holier than thou, going so far as to refuse friendship with Asta because he is an orphan. As her history comes to light, Noelle learns to tackle her past and grow stronger as she walks into the future.

Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa is relaxed and vain and has been known to get drunk often. She often lounges around in her underwear and has both a lot of confidence and no shame. She likes to flirt and take it easy, but she cares about her teammates and will help them if she is able to.

Magna Swing

Magna is loud and puts himself forward as a reliable tough guy. He is loyal to Yami and features a similar short temper, but he is happy to help new members get to grips with the workings of the guild, and on their missions.


Grey is kind-hearted and shy, making her easy to embarrass. She can be naïve to the truths of the world and sometimes does not realise the true natures of people. She is able to transform into others, and is even able to take on aspects of their personality, but her true self is as Grey.

Charmy Pappitson

Charmy loves food, which is basically all that’s on her mind, causing her to become distracted from more pressing issues. When food is involved, she is single-minded and can become angry if she feels that her food is threatened. She’s a valuable member of the guild, but often can disappear, even when needed!

Gauche Adlai

Gauche has a bit of a sister complex and will do absolutely anything for his younger sister, Marie. This can lead to him being brutal and a pain to work with. He is often rude to others and has an incredibly short temper. He begins to change thanks to Marie and Asta, wanting to become a big brother Marie can be proud of.

Zora Ideale

Disrespectful and a keen liar, Zora has shown great intellect, and a love of pranks—and there are no exceptions as to who can be on the receiving end! Zora thinks ahead in battles, even when it seems like he’s disinterested entirely, but his quick wits are very useful to Black Bull.

Finral Roulacase

Finral loves women and will put them first, no matter the situation. He does realise that he can be better though and strives to be the best he can. A bit of a coward and comedic relief, Finral hates confrontation, but wants to be a great support for Black Bull.

Gordon Agrippa

Gordon tends to keep to himself and struggles to develop relationships with others, but deep down he empathises with people easily and cares about his friends a lot. Although his actions cause him to be lonely, his thoughts are with his friends, and he wishes to become more outgoing and sociable.

Luck Voltia

Luck loves to battle and can be described as a sociopath. He will bring his enemies close to death with a smile on his face and prefers to fight alone, rather than as a team. Through his experiences with Black Bull and Asta, Luck learns that teamwork is actually not such a bad thing.

Henry Legolant

Henry will do anything for his team and although he is quick to take action, he is a very slow talker, which causes some annoyance amongst his teammates.

Secre Swallowtail

Although apathetic and prone to annoyance, Secre takes a liking to Asta, and is one of his greatest allies. She can transform into a bird, which begs the question of if Swallowtail is a cursed surname. She often takes to pecking to get her point across.

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