One Piece Pirate crews to look out for!

In their quest to find the legendary One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates come face to face with some of the most infamous pirate crews to ever sail the Blue Sea! Some crews help Luffy and his sea fairing cohorts while others are out for his blood. Here are some of the Pirate crews you should look out for in One Piece.

Straw Hat Pirates
Total Bounty: 3,161,000,10 Belly

It’d be silly not to start a list like this without introducing you to the aforementioned Straw Hat Pirates! Headed up by Monkey D. Luffy, the Straw hats are named after their captain’s signature head gear.

Their current ship the Thousand Sunny is one of the most iconic ships to sail the blue sea with it’s huge lion main figure head backed by the cross bones of the crews Jolly Roger flag. Don’t let the happy lion head fool you though as it’s the last thing you will see before it opens its mouth to reveal the powerful Gaon Cannon.

Roger Pirates
Last recorded Bounty: 5,564,800,000 Belly

To say this crew is legendary is probably an understatement. The Roger Pirates were fronted by Gol D. Roger himself. The previous owner of the One Piece and the King of the pirates.

Most feared this crew out of respect for their leader, and some of the most iconic pirates of the blue sea originated from this Roger’s finest. Names like Buggy and ‘Red-Haired’ Shanks who now have their own ships and loyal band of pirates came from Roger’s Pirates and are still feared even to this day.

Buggy Pirates
Total Bounty: 144,000,000 Belly

Lead by the infamous (and somewhat creepy) captain Buggy. A name all One Piece fans will be familiar with as one of the first antagonists to cross the Straw Hat’s path.

Buggy created his own band of misfits after Gol. D Roger disbanded his crew. His rag tag band of pirate brethren include the Tightrope Walking Funan Bros, the Acrobatic Fuwas, and the Superhuman Domingos just to name a few.  The big top is the crew ship and can be spotted a mile off with its heavy circus theme and the Buggy jolly roger painted on the sails

Red Haired Pirates
Total Bounty: 4,142,900,000 Belly

Fronted by one of the four most notorious pirates to rule the New World, the Red Haired pirates are a force to be reckoned with. Their captain, Red Haired Shanks originally got his sea legs serving the previous Pirate King Gol D. Roger, and has since left his mark on the Straw Hats.

The finer details of this crew are buried deep within the myth that their name carries. As Shanks is a member of the Yonko and is one of the four most feared pirates of the Blue sea, it comes to no surprise that you should never cross paths with this crew if you can help it.

Whitebeard Pirates
Last Recorded Bounty: 5,596,000,000 Belly for the main crew

One of the older crews out there the Whitebeard pirates have expanded to a fleet split into 16 divisions over the 20 years on the Blue Sea. Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard is one of the most powerful pirates of the new world. So much so that he has been compared to the likes of Gol D Roger l himself.

With over 16 divisions all with separate captions it’s no wonder that the Whitebeard pirates have made their mark on history, and have ascended into legend.

Blackbeard Pirates
Bounty: At Least 2,445,800,000 Belly

Captained by the infamous Marchall D. Teach AKA Blackbeard, the Blackbeard pirates are a notorious bunch. Not only is Teach a former Whitebeard pirate, he is also part of the Yonko and known as one of the four most dangerous pirates of the New World.

This crew’s power has remained unchallenged as they have wiped out crews in the past, including one of the biggest and best. Since the awful atrocities of the Payback War the Blackbeard’s have managed lay clam to several territories and will stop at noting to gain more.

Beasts Pirates
Bounty: At Least 7,823,100,00 Belly

An extremely powerful pirate crew, the Beasts are led by the 3rd Yonko member in this list, Kaido. This infamous crew have enormous world-dominating aspirations and have come to blows with The Straw hats.

Kaido himself is a mighty force and stories drunken rages have been travelling the Blue Sea for years. You’ll be able to spot Kaido and his crew decked out in Viking gear ready to tare their text targets to shreds.

Big Mom Pirates
Bounty: At Least 10,121,500,000 Belly

The name Big Mom strikes fear into any pirate that hears it. The 4th and final member of the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom is the Queen of her crew and current ruler of the Totto Land. Her crew has been going from strength to strength and has also formed some very powerful alliances on the way.

Planning to dominate the world is no easy task for this crew but that doesn’t stop them as they have made light work of anyone who steps in their way. Luffy and his Straw hats have come to blows with this crew on more than one occasion, scraping by with their lives.

That’s just some of the crews that The Straw Hats have come to blows with, be sure to check out One Piece to see just how powerful these crews are.




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