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The Best My Hero Academia Quirks

With My Hero Academia: Two Heroes smashing its way into cinemas across the country on December 4th & 5th, we asked Mitchell Lineham to decide which of the Quirks from the show are the very best and why. Here are his choices: 

Momo Yaoyorozi
Quirk: Creation
Momo’s Creation Quirk allows her to create anything, as long as she understands how it’s created. Using her fat cells to create objects, this also means she has to eat a lot when creating larger objects. There are endless possibilities in what she can create, and she can burn off fat easily? Sign us up!

Katsuki Bakugo
Quirk: Explosion

Bakugo can create blasts with his sweat, which are almost as explosive as his personality! No one enjoys sweating, but Bakugo has complete control over his Explosion Quirk so he won’t accidentally cause damage. In fact, he has so much control of his Quirk that he’s almost able to fly around with it!

Eijiro Kirishima
Quirk: Hardening

Kirishima’s Hardening Quirk allows him to deflect most blows, which has a lot of uses outside of battle. Kirishima proves to be a real hero as he uses his Quirk to take impacts that could otherwise fatally hurt someone else. It would also be an extremely useful power to have in a variety of situations. 

Hitoshi Shinso
Quirk: Brainwashing

Shinso can control minds, but only if someone replies to him in conversation. After that, they’ll do his bidding. Shinso worries that this Quirk is perfect for being a villain, but he’s working on using it solely for good. If someone goes against Shinso unprepared, then there’s very little they can do about it, but he can do a lot of good with it in many situations!

Shoto Todoroki
Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot

Todoroki can create both ice and fire, and he uses them to complement one another. While these can be very destructive, he can also use them to maintain a good body temperature throughout the year, and create endless ice on those hot Summer days.

Don’t agree with our choices? Let us know via Twitter and Facebook which Quirks you’d choose!


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