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The Official Dragon Ball ‘Super Fans’!

We asked – and you delivered! In our search for the UK & Ireland’s BIGGEST Dragon Ball fans, we received dozens of incredible entries from dedicated fans. It took some doing, but the Manga team took a vote and whittled those down to the three final winners – our official Dragon Ball ‘Super Fans’! Take a look below to see who they are…


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Aaron – Sheffield

“When the trailer came out for DBS Broly in December 2017, I knew I had to watch it. So I booked tickets to fly out to Japan to watch it, I saved up all last year to go and it was honestly one of the best moments of my life!”

Aaron became a Dragon Ball fan in primary school – and has been collecting figurines, DVDs, manga and tattoos ever since! He’s currently working on a Dragon Ball sleeve, with favourite character Frieza soon to be inked. In 2018, Aaron flew to Japan to see Dragon Ball Super: Broly on the big screen, and has supported it in the UK by seeing it four more times in cinemas!


Laurence – London

“Without question, [the fan screening] was one of, if not THE greatest experiences of my life. To enjoy the thing I love most, with 100 other fans in a historic venue, in my hometown, is something I will hold with me for the rest of my life. I cried when the film ended because I knew I wouldn’t have another experience that would come close to the elation I felt on that night.”

Laurence has been watching Dragon Ball since 1999, and has been a dedicated fan for twenty years! He owns every volume of the Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Super mangas, is a keen collector of figurines and even saw our Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ release twice in cinemas. He made it to our central London Fan Screening on the 15th January, and then saw the film an incredible TEN TIMES in cinemas, including twice in IMAX! 


Ryan – Oldbury

“Dragon Ball is my everything! As a primary school teacher, I use Dragon Ball as a source of learning and entertainment in the classroom. It means so much to me and it offers so much in terms of positivity and self-belief!”

Ryan is a tireless supporter of Dragon Ball – constantly championing the franchise on social media and even in class to his students! He travelled from Oldbury to London for our special Fan Screening, and has since set up camp in his local cinema and seen Dragon Ball Super: Broly another seven times. Check him out on Twitter @KidSonGokuTweet! 



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