Villains to look out for in My Hero Academia!

The world of My Hero Academia is filled with all sorts of different Quirks. Heroes use these powers to save the day, restore peace, and make the world a better place to live.

Then there is the other side of the coin. There are those out there who use their Quirks for unspeakably evil deeds. They would rather dominate the world than save it and vanquish anyone that dares step in their way.

Heroes Like Endeavor, Midnight, Eraser Head, and even the number one hero himself All Might need to bring their A-game should they cross paths with these criminal elite. If you’re looking to brush up on your criminal knowledge, then these are the villains you should look out for in My Hero Academia.


Quirk: Bloodcurdle – The power to temporarily paralyse an opponent by ingesting their blood.

Dubbed as the ‘Hero Killer’, Stain has been a huge inspiration for many members of the criminal elite of My Hero Academia. His belief that the world is riddled with ‘Fake Heroes’ that need to be culled, was first brought to public attention during the Vs. Hero Killer Arc. The only hero he deemed worthy enough to defeat him was All Might.

Even though he was apprehended by the police, his criminal mastery still lives on in the members of the League of Villains.

Tomaru Shigiraki

Quirk: Decay – The power to disintegrate anything by the touch of a hand.

Leader of the League of Villains, Shigiraki built his infamy through the his actions as the head of this infamous gang. His notoriety kicked in when he led his band of criminals in an attack on the UAC. And since then his renown has skyrocketed.

Shigiraki is hellbent on reshaping society into his own image and will stop at nothing until his vision has been achieved.


Quirk: Overhaul – The power to dissemble and reassemble matter at will.

The Yakuza captain of the Shie Hassaikai, Overhaul is obsessed with turning the world back to the way it was before Quirks existed. He believes that Quirks are a plague on humanity, and is convinced  that these powers derived from rats much like the bubonic plague of old.

Overhaul is certain that those who use their Quirks for villainy or heroism are under the influence of an illness and should be healed or more often than not, destroyed.


Quirk: Nine – The power to wield nine quirks at a time, at a cost of his own life force.

Serving as the primary antagonist for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Nine wanted to create a truly superhuman society where the power of a person’s Quirk defines their worth. He was taken in by Doctor Ujiko to combat the adverse effect his power was having on his body.

He was given the power of All for One and then set out to find the perfect cell regeneration Quirk in order to make himself invincible. With the combination of his ideas and his growing power, Nine has been one of the most dangerous villains to ever come to blows with Class 1-A.

All for One

Quirk: All for One – The power to consume and use other peoples Quirks.             

All Might’s arch nemesis, the founder of The League of Villains and a name that has been burned into hero history. All for One is possibly the deadliest criminal to walk the earth.

His ultimate goal and true identity are a mystery, people fear his name and his power. He is the pinnacle of villainy and will stop at nothing until whatever his goal is has been achieved.


Quirk: Seems to have the powers of muscle augmentation and metal manipulation.

The main villain from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Wolfram’s rage fuels him and he will decimate anyone or thing that gets in his way, whether it’s a hero or even his own employer.

All for One expected big thing for him as he entrusted him with his muscle enhancing Quirk in order to defeat All Might once and for all. It was never revealed what the criminal overlord had in store for Wofram in the end.

The Nomu

Quirks: Various.

The collective term used for Doctor Ujiko’s abominations, the Nomu were once Quirk users whose lifeless bodies have been experimented on to make nightmarish creatures with multiple powers.

First seen in the U.S.J arc of My Hero Academia, the Nomu are a formidable force for any hero including All Might himself. Typically, their intelligence is substituted for raw power with Kurogiri being an exception.


Quirk: Chimera – Giving the user the power of various animals, enlarging them selves, and breathing fire.

Possibly the most dangerous of Nine’s cohorts in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Chimera’s power has only been seen in myth and legend. Turning into what can only be described as a monstrosity who can fire beams of energy from his mouth when in his final form, Chimera gives Shoto Todoroki, Tenya Iida, and Eijiro Kirishima a run for their money in one of the most explosive battles in Heroes Rising.

Believing that Nine will change the world with his supreme being ideals, Chimera will stop at nothing to make sure that goal is achieved.

Gentle Criminal

Quirk: Elasticity – The power to give anything he touches elastic properties.

Out of all the villains in My Hero Academia, Gentle Criminal has to be the most polite and well-mannered of the bunch. His calmness and confidence on the battlefield can be quite unnerving and he is more than happy to take on several opponents at once.  

The only thing Gentle Criminal is after is fame, and he does this by making viral videos of his crimes on the internet claiming that he wants to make a mark in history and inspire future criminals. You could say he’s after the same infamy as the legendary hero killer Stain. A formidable foe for the 4th season of My Hero Academia.

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