Who are the League of Villains?

By now you know about the Villains to look out for in My Hero Academia. That’s all well and good, but if you really want to brush up on your knowledge of the MHA’s criminal underground then there is one group of notorious Quirk users whose very name strikes fear into the mightiest of heroes.

The league of Villains.

That’s right, there is a criminal organisation out there that has banded together to threaten and destroy hero society. After gathering some intel, we are able to divulge the League’s members.

Tomura Shigaraki

Quirk: Decay – The power to destroy anything his hand touches.

Leader of the League of Villains, Shigaraki took the top spot when his previous leader, All for One, had been defeated. He first made his appearance in My Hero Academia during the U.S.J Arc and has been the primary antagonist of the series since.

His main goal was to kill the Symbol of Piece, All Might in order to reshape society into his own image. His MO has since evolved and now he wants to destroy society completely in order to rule over this world.

All for One

Quirk: All For One – The power to steal peoples Quirks and use them for himself.

The original leader of the League of Villains, All for One has been dubbed as Japan’s most powerful and dangerous criminal. He is also All Might’s Arch Nemsis with the power to consume quirks and use them for his own, the Yin to One for All’s Yang.

His true motives are unknown, his identity remains hidden within his dark and clouded history. All we truly know is he is smart, dangerous, and has the power to destroy any hero that gets in his way.


Quirk: Warp gate – The power to manipulate dark fog to form portals.

Created by Doctor Ujiko as one of his Nomus from the corpse of a previous UA student known as Loud Cloud, Kurogiri primary objective is to protect Tomura Shigaraki at all costs. A key player within the League of Villains his loyalty remains with both Shigiraki and All for One.

Kurogiri’s Quirk is not natural and was created using Loud Cloud’s power of Cloud manipulation as a base. The Quirk can also be used to shroud targets in a dark mist.

Doctor Ujiko

Quirk: Prolonged life – Grants the user an extended lifespan

An expert in the field of Quirks, Ujiko is an invaluable member of the League of Villains. He is the faithful servant of All for One and Shigaraki and is the creator of the Nomus and Kurogiri.

Using his extensive knowledge of Quirks, the doctor creates abominations known as Nomus from the bodies of the diseased. These previous Quirk users have been heavily modified by combining powers together to make some of the most violent and deadly creatures to walk the earth.


Quirk: Cremation – The power to create and manipulate blue flames

Serving as one of the main antagonists in the Forest Training Camp arc of My Hero Academia, Dabi is an immense force to be reckoned with. He’s extremely focussed, confident, and bordering on psychotically violent.

When the League notoriety rose, Dabi appeared on the scene asking Shigaraki to join. Since then he has been a key member of the team taking down false heroes and relishing in the Leagues infamy.

Himiko Toga

Quirk: Transform – The power to transform into other people after consuming their blood

She may seem like a cheerful sweet girl but don’t let the façade fool you. Himiko is psychoyic, sadistic and mentally unstable. Her skills of deception are unparalleled which goes hand in hand with her Quirk.

Himiko joined the League of Villians at the same time as Dabi and is also primary antagonist for the Forest Training Camp arc of MHA.

Mr. Compress

Quirk: Compress – The power to shrink down anything into a marble

One of the more experienced criminals within the League of Villains, Mr. Compress is a thief that’s wanted Nationwide for his crimes. He first made his mark on Class 1-A during My Hero Academia’s Forest Training Camp arc.

Performing and playing to the crowd is in Compress’s blood, he is a showman and loves to give his opponents a good monologue before shrinking them down to size. Even though his showmanship is one of his Trademarks it is also a chink in his armour as heroes have been known to exploit it.


Quirk: Double – The Power to create anything two at a time through touch.

Another antagonist for the Forest Training Camp arc, Twice has a unique personality. To say it’s explosive and unpredictable maybe an understatement. You could say he has duel personality’s, often contradicting his own words and actions and driving himself insane in the process.

With the combination of his power to create doubles of pretty much anything coupled and his quick thinking, Twice is a formidable force on the battlefield.


Quirk: Gecko – Gives the user a reptilian appearance and the power to cling onto sheer surfaces

Spinner loves to hurt people, he’s also a great admirer of the Villain, Stain, and shares the vision of ridding the world of fake heroes. He is completely obsessed with the infamous hero killer that he copies his weaponry and clothing.

He is one of the less grounded members of the League of Villains as he is constantly question whether the groups ideals are following his own and more importantly, Stain’s.


Quirk: Magnetism – The Power to magnetise people up to a 4.5 meter radius around the user

Renowned for her brutal killings, Magne joined the League of Villains so she could live her life as carefree as possible with no strings attached.

Magne joined the League in their missions during the Forest Training Camp arc and her Brutality shone through during some of the most savage battles during Class 1-A’s time in the forest.


Quirk: Gas – The power to generate a poisonous sleep-inducing gas

Mustard’s pragmatic approach to vanquishing heroes is second to none. He is all about timing and picking the definitive moment to strike. Unlike his teammate, Mr. Compress, he values function over style hence why he prefers the more gawdy looking support gear out in the field.

Mercy isn’t part of Mustards MO, and he will use any tool he can find to get the upper hand on his foes. Be it the use of his Quirk or even firearms.


Quirk: Blade-Tooth – The power to enlarge and reshape the user’s teeth into sharp blades

If you thought Twice and Himiko were insane, then Moonfish in on a completely different level. His constant obsession with cannibalism is frightening! So much so, that on more than one occasion he has been distracted from his main mission should he get the craving for human flesh.

Some say he joined the League to defeat heroes and satisfy his hunger.


Quirk: Muscle Augmentation – The power to manipulate and amplify the user’s muscles

Muscular’s main objective is to use his power to kill. He joined the League of Villains just to let loose and set his murderous side free. His catch phrase “Show Me Your Blood!” is more than likely the last thing his opponent will ever hear.

His overconfidence in his power can sometimes be his weakness. His reckless attack method and thirst for blood can be as much of a weakness than a strength, and this has got the best of him on more than one occasion.



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